Delta Energy begin marine fuel carbon emissions offsetting in ARA and start a carbon credit trading desk to support the growing ESG demands of ship owners and cargo charterers

3rd May 2022, by Administrator

Delta Energy has been offsetting its GHG emissions since inception of physical operations.

Delta Energy currently supply marine bunkers to their clients from their Carbon neutral barges in the ARA and UK regions. Delta Energy do this by CO2 offsetting with the purchase of VERRA and Gold Standard carbon credits partnering with Numerco, an 8 consecutive year award winner in the environmental finance magazine, carbon market rankings.

A portfolio of emission reduction credits are utilized on a monthly basis to offset the greenhouse gasses resulting from the combustion of their barge’ gasoil. These credits are generated from a range of global projects that not only reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but also provided the wider additionality of social, economic and health benefits to some of the poorest areas of the planet.

At Delta Energy, they take a step further and now offer their clients the ability to offset their broader petroleum product cargos or bunker purchases by presenting available offset opportunities through their trading desks. When bunkered from Delta Energy’s barges, the Ship Owners / Charterers are assured of a carbon neutral supply and the ability to offset resulting GHG emissions from their own bunker purchases.

Delta Energy as a member of Delta Corp Holdings, (“Delta Corp”) is now in a position to offer the same offset capability to their Cargo clients of Delta Corp Shipping when transporting their bulk cargo’s.

“This is a vital step in the evolution of Delta Corp as a responsible business with the aim to minimize our carbon footprint and that of our customers. We see increased interest from shipowners and charterers wanting to undertake Carbon Neutral voyages, bunker purchases and this is an added service to our clients”. Mudit Paliwal, CEO of Delta Corp.