Delta Corp is thrilled

13th January 2021, by Chris Todd

Delta Corp is thrilled with the formation of a new company, Delta Energy Bunker to make its entry into the global marine fuels & renewable energy market.

Besides sourcing and suppling for Delta Corp Shipping chartered fleet on a competitive basis, Delta Energy will also be brokering, trading and supplying fuel for other shipowners, charterers and bunker traders.

We have taken some time, got the groundwork and financing in place and ensured that we have everything completely ready to bring to market. It has been some time in gestation to do it properly but we are finally happy to report that all is where we want it to be and we’re good to go.

The barges are ready, the teams are trained and ready with everything they need to really hit the ground running. We have our systems in place with the full financial support and backing required, with two large bank lines already in use. We’re speaking to suppliers now across the world and telling them who we are, what we are and how we want to grow. There has been so much interest in what we’ve been doing. Its all systems go now.

-- Chris Todd, Commercial Head

This is a huge development and a paradigm shift in how traditional bunker companies transact business. Delta Energy is starting out with a global footprint, onboarding a world class team of fuel traders, getting into physical supplies at multiple locations at the onset. I wish the Delta Energy team and its management all the succes.

-- Mudit Paliwal, CEO Delta Corp

Delta Energy Bunker can be contacted through its website –