Chris Todd Welcome Message

13th January 2021, by Chris Todd

The start of our new bunker company Delta Energy has been a long time in the making and something I have personally wanted to do for a while. Having worked in some of the best bunker companies in the world in lead roles, alongside some of the best people in the industry, I now feel the time has come to pull together all the best bits I learned over my 20 year career and create a unique and special bunker company that makes difference. A company which will push boundaries and one day leave a legacy that all those who are part of it can be proud of.

We are not here to be the next bunker player in line; we will be unique, different, do the job with a smile on our faces and let the way in which we work rub off on those around us. For years, the team I’ve worked with has always been known for being a little unorthodox, having fun whilst always being professional and serving our clients to the best of our ability to make their lives easier. We will be diverse in many different ways and we will be like no other in our various offerings.

With a lot of old fashioned hard work, thinking outside the box, a willingness to explore new avenues, coupled with honesty and integrity we will create something that those who join us on our journey will feel the benefits of in many ways.

I’m extemely proud of the team we’ve assembled here. It is already one in my view that could and will stand shoulder to shoulder with our biggest peers. It’s a very exciting time for the Delta Group and so I look forward to your support now and in the years to come as we approach this this new era with cautious optimism.

All the best,

Chris Todd