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Delta Energy offers a broad range of marine fuel products complying with all international standardards at competitive prices.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp

And all surroundings ports

RMG380 3.5%VLSFO (RMG380) 0.5%ULSFO (RMD80) 0.1%DMA 0.1% 0.89DMA 0.1% 0.86 (winter grade)

Delta Energy have a fully time-chartered state of the art marine fuel barge for supply throughout the ARA area, built 2007, and looking to build on its fleet size alongside its first-class barge owner which has a refreshing and efficient name in the ARA market.

Till Deymann

Thames, UK

Thames, Medway and southend anchorages

DMA 0.1% 0.86 (winter grade)

We supply Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil and Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) by barge across all locations in the Thames and Medway region in accordance with ISO8217:2010 specification. Our product is imported from Majors and loaded from storage located on the Thames providing us with flexibility and quality assurance to meet our customers’ demands.

We carry out supplies using a barge we have exclusively on time-charter, the Distributor. This barge is no stranger to the Thames having worked the river for many years, so with this vast experience we aim to provide excellent operational service and value to you.

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