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Delta Corp Energy Logistics are certified members of the carbon standard programs VERRA and Goldstandard. These alliances set the standard and facilitate the transparent listing of information on certified projects. A proud certified member allows Delta Corp to facilitate and offer an additional service to their clients to offset their CO2 emissions on a voluntary basis.

Being part of the VERRA and Goldstandard programs ensures Delta remains compliant and only offering the very best economical, environmentally friendly and renewable projects to their clients to ensure the pathway to a sustainable future and this can be done for a single bunkering of HSFO/VLSFO/DMA 0.1% or for a specific vessel voyage or the vessels yearly CO2 emission output.

Delta regularly offset their own greenhouse gasses from their bunker barge’s resulting from the combustion and are operating in the ARA and UK regions to reduce their own carbon footprint. A range of global projects are available that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also provide the wider additionality of social, economic and health benefits to some of the poorest areas of the planet.

ISCC certified
ISCC certified
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