New Building

At Delta Corp Ship Management, we focus on supervision of product and chemical carriers, gas carriers, all types of tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels. Our services cover all the vessel’s construction phases and assessment of sites, selection of the project manager, drawings approval, maker’s selection, building phase’s supervision and commissioning, as well as final assessment and delivery.

Pre-building supervision services

At Delta, our constant objective is to provide Owners with safe, cost-efficient, and environmentally-sound services meeting agreed specifications for Quality Management, focusing on continuously minimizing process losses and downtime and achieving zero failure.

Audit of shipyards and subcontractor facilities

  • In depth audits carried out in all pre-selected Subcontractors and detailed reports submitted to Owners.
  • Screening and recommendations for all Hull, Coating and Outfitting subcontractors.

Design and drawing appraisal

  • Optimization of preliminary ship design.
  • Plans, design drawings and maker’s instruction manuals review to ensure documents in line with contractual plans and specifications and as well compliance with flag/class regulations.
  • Focus on vetting requirements and future regulations.
  • Critical areas for construction and through-life maintenance identified to incorporate highest safety standards, reliability, focus on operational design improvement and smooth operation.
  • Structured electronic database for all PCF forms and relevant supporting documentation.
  • Tight budgetary control of extra/credit items.
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Technical negotiations and subcontractors review

  • Ensuring improvements in the vessel’s technical equipment, systems and fittings.
  • Ensuring highest construction standards/procedures are applied during building.
  • Ensuring Owners technical and operations requirements are met in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Ensuring vetting requirements and most recent regulations are applied and upcoming foreseen.

Assistance in maker selection

  • Maker list review to ensure incorporation of all possible upgrades leading to trouble free operation and increased added value.
  • Benefit from a wealth of experience with European and Asian vendors designs, quality standards and pricing.
  • Assisting with maker selection negotiations ensuring cost efficiency throughout the project.

On-site supervision and consultancy

  • Selection of site manager in coordination with Owners.
  • Continuous assessment of contractor’s quality control at works.
  • On-site approval of production/detailed drawings.
  • Participation in technical meetings and co‐ordination with Classification and Regulatory bodies.
  • Continuous assessment of construction progress through weekly/monthly detailed reporting to ensure schedules are punctual and delivery dates met.
  • Review of plans and procedures, examination of all welding related documentation with supervision of all welding operations.
  • Inspections of all equipment and machinery, hull / hull outfitting, surface preparation and coating system.
  • Comprehensive weekly and monthly progress reporting including hull, hull outfitting, coating, machinery, machinery outfitting, electrical daily inspections, shop test/FAT reports and issued NCR’s.
  • Attendance in inclining experiment and deadweight measurement, mooring/dock and sea trials as well as commissioning of all ships systems.
  • Attendance to onboard systems commissioning’s and sea trials.
  • Assessment of variations in specifications and negotiation of extra credit/cost items.
  • Crew familiarization through Extensive crew demonstration list compiled with crew and S/Y ensuring that crew is familiar with all equipment on board.
  • Control of ship documentation, certification and final drawings on board.
  • Delivery acceptance of vessel.
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Post-building support services

Technical assistance and Claims handling during vessel’s guarantee period.

  • Coordination of Owner, vessel and shipyard technical communication.
  • Continuous monitoring and follow-up of each vessel claims during guarantee period.
  • Technical consultancy on claims handling based on previous sister vessels experience when available.
  • Full technical and commercial advice to Owners at the end of guarantee period.
  • Direct meetings with makers to ensure vessels minimum downtime.
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